Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Application of laser technology in enhancing beauty

When it comes to personal hygiene and personal care, everyone, especially women, are quite aware and updated about it. The infusion of technology into beauty care techniques and its appliances is another demanding factor that is attracting consumers towards itself. This latest technical innovation, laser skin treatments are recorded to have an increased demand over the last decade. The laser hair removal is a good and demanding process of removing hair with the help of pulse of laser light, which is capable of destroying the hair follicle.
The hair removal laser is one of the safe and almost pain-free ways of removing unwanted body hairs; unlike the other hair removal processes including shaving, waxing, etc. This advanced technology focuses on the roots of the hairs and punchers or inactivates the hair follicle with the help of optimised laser beam. The principle behind this hair removal treatment is that the laser beam targets the pigments present in the hair follicle and hence the patients with light skin and dark hairs respond best do such treatment.
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It is a fact that the patients with blonde or grey colored hair do not respond well to the treatment but with the application of correct wavelength of laser beam, the results can be optimised. The advancement in technology and the availability of professionals in this beauty services made it possible to treat the patients with different skin tones. On an average, the laser hair removal process is successfully completed with optimal cosmetic outcome in 6 to 8 treatment sessions, depending on the hair growth rate of the patients.
The laser technology is also widely being used for hair removal purpose, but it also offers numerous other health and beauty related applications. The major ones account to laser tattoo removal, laser liposuction, laser stretch mark removal and numerous others. The laser liposuction is another surgical procedure, which utilizes laser beams of a specific wavelength to treat the areas with access fat and contour the body. The laser lipo near me is approved to treat abdomen, thighs, back rolls, neck, and other body parts.
These laser beams are also used in laser stretch mark removals. During the treatment, a beam of light removes the thin layer of the skin around the stretch marks. The excimer laser is considered ideal for this kind of treatment. This procedure involved high energy UV laser light that affects the molecular bonds in the skin tissues and results in ablation. Once the process is completed, the treated area begins to heal with the formation of a new layer of healthy skin.