Thursday, 7 August 2014

Impression Medispa – your friend in Fairfax

They say it pays to advertise. It may be true for others; but the company I’m gonna talk about is not advertising here in any way.  I’m rather advocating for Impression Medispa out of my personal experiences with them. Last time I went to them for my sun damaged skin treatment and I would rate this company with a 100 out of 100. Sounds exaggeration? Let me count their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) one by one for substantiating the facts.

Why to choose Impression Medispa for your sun damaged skin treatment?

It is customary to mention here that whenever you buy something or spend money for availing spa services you have by default something concrete in your mind. So, hiring spa services is more of a cause and effect relationship driven by the urge. I find the following points for going crazy about Impression Medispa.

fractional co2 in Fairfax
  1. Privacy Policy: The Company pays utmost attention for maintaining the privacy of its clients. As such divulging your personal details during the treatment can potentially expose you to vulnerability. You will be happy to note that the company maintains your personal details under top secrecy and thus leaves you free from worries.
  2. Preemptive actions: This spa undertakes preemptive actions like allergy check in advance thereby reduces potential harms on skin any further.
  3. Care credit: This is an initiative that deserves mention here. You feel like undergoing some treatments at Impression Medispa; but have run out of money. No problem; just avail services from Care Credit.
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